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Contact Kieran McNaulty on 07746 950134


MSc. Information Technology

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

25+ Years experience of technical support with small businesses and domestic jobs

Domestic laptop and PC repair

  • Laptop and PC servicing which includes removal of viruses and junk software. Optimisation to ensure your system runs as quickly as possible. Fixed fee of £40.

  • Laptop screen replacements.

  • Hardware diagnositics and repair eg faulty hard drive replacement.

  • Data recovery from faulty drives.

Small business technical support


  • Pay as you go / break fix technical support

  • Regular systems check up

  • Fast response time 

  • Laptop, PC and printer configuration in an office networked environment

  • Data backup systems - cloud based or local.


Broadband issues

  • Broadband faults are often on the service provider's side i.e. a line fault or problem at the telephone exchange.

    The service provider will typically quote a charge of £130-£150 per hour if the fault is found to be on your property.

    Whilst I will be unable to fix a problem on the service provider's side eg line problem I can repair the fault if it is on your wiring or confirm the fault is on the broadband provider's side so you have peace of mind if you require an engineer's visit.  This applies to domestic wiring only.